Uk Agreement Norway

After years of negotiations, the UK and Norway have reached a historic agreement on fisheries and trade that will come into effect from 1 January 2021. The agreement secures access for UK fishing vessels to Norwegian waters and vice versa, with quotas agreed for the next year.

The UK is Norway`s second-largest trading partner within the European Economic Area (EEA), and the agreement ensures continued tariff-free access for goods. For the UK, this means that exports of fish, seafood, and agricultural products, including Scottish salmon, will continue to have access to the Norwegian market.

The agreement is a significant milestone as it provides a post-Brexit framework for the UK`s relations with Norway. As part of the EEA, Norway is not part of the EU but is subject to its rules and directives and has access to the EU`s single market. The UK`s departure from the EU has had major implications for its relations with the EEA, and the UK-Norway agreement demonstrates that the UK is committed to building new relationships with its European partners.

The negotiations were complex, with issues such as access to fishing waters and quotas proving particularly challenging. However, the final agreement is seen as a win-win for both countries, securing continued access to each other`s markets and providing a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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